Teen Records “Creepy” Guy Who Won’t Stop Hitting On Her While She’s at Work

It takes guts to walk up to someone that you’re interested in and attempt to flirt with them. Just resolving to do so in person is an awkward step and is much higher stakes than just swiping on someone online and sending them an ice breaker through DM on your phone. And as scary as it may be, there are fewer things that get your adrenaline going than going after that initial spark with someone that intrigues you.Article continues below advertisement

If you’re mindful, however, you can immediately if there’s any reciprocated interest from a person when you go up to them and try to lay on some game. But try and consider the feelings of the person you’re macking it to as well: they know there are different ways people handle rejection, which can be quite frightening for them to try and anticipate. Are you going to get belligerent? Will you try throw yourself a pity party if they say no?

Will you take the “L” and be like “awe shucks, well, have a good day anyway!” and not display any type of ugly behavior? It’s hard for the other person to know. Unfortunately for TikTok user Mickey Ruiz, the guy who decided to accost her while she was working was one of those particular individuals who either couldn’t take a hint, or, even worse, outright refused to do so.

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