Some Users Are Freaked After It Looks Like Snapchat Knows When They Were Born

As social media becomes more and more present in the lives of many people around the world, the companies behind these apps have been able to collect reams of data on their users. These companies know what kinds of ads to serve you, when your birthday is, and what you look like. Most users aren’t bothered by these invasions of their privacy, but some are raising alarm bells about some specific information that Snapchat has on its users.Article continues below advertisement

How does Snapchat know what time you were born?

Although most users know that setting up an account on social media involves entering some basic information, including your date of birth, some have been alarmed recently to discover that Snapchat has more personal information about them than they might think. Some users have discovered that, by going into their settings on Snapchat, they can see the exact time and location where they were born.

snapchat time i was born

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The fact that Snapchat has this information is understandably quite alarming for some users, especially because they don’t remember giving the information to Snapchat in the first place. Many shared their thoughts about what they saw as an invasion of privacy on Twitter.

“Someone tell me how Snapchat knows when I was born and the EXACT time,” one person wrote.

“How on earth does Snapchat know what exact time I was born? I AM FREAKED OUT,” another added.

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