Disney World Park Goer Accidentally Films Her Friend Getting Rejected by Gaston

If you’ve ever read any of the testimonials from folks who worked as characters in Disney World, then you know they take their jobs pretty seriously. They will oftentimes respond to you in character and maintain “kayfabe” (as pro-wrestling fans would call it) under any circumstances, including the sweltering heat.Article continues below advertisement

And while everyone has their favorite Disney Prince/Princess/Good Guy that they identify with, it’s kind of hard to argue that they’re more fun than some of the villains that have come out of the studio.

Like Gaston.

The boorish, arrogant, muscular villain from Beauty & the Beast who takes rejection as well as a first-year frat bro whose dad is a lawyer, Gaston’s total embrace of his shallow personality traits and deep hatred for books without pictures has a peculiar charm all its own. His cinematic legacy as simply the worst has thankfully been carried on at Disney’s parks.

disneyworld gaston roast

Fans love interacting with the character, and even when different park employees don the black wig, red tunic, faux muscle-suit, and leather boots, he never disappoints in his interactions

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