A Step-By-Step Guide To Attracting Love Using Tarot Cards

Of the hundreds of Tarot readings I’ve given to people around the world, I’d say around 80% of them ask about attracting or nurturing a romantic relationship. It’s no surprise, really. Research has shown that the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives. For many of us, finding love represents one of life’s greatest challenges and rewards. Feeling seen, held, and accepted by someone who operates on the same frequency and values that we do – what we often term a ‘soulmate connection’ – makes the world seem more vibrant and life more meaningful.

I’m not just speaking as a Tarot reader or relationships counsellor-in-training. I know from personal experience and can relate to so many of you who seek a Tarot reading about love. It is, in fact, how I first came to the cards. At 30, I felt lonely and hopeless about my love life. I needed to know if a guy I had been hanging around with was ‘the one’ (he wasn’t). That first reading, though disappointing at the time, took me on a profound journey of learning how to use the Tarot myself to find lasting, authentic love. I am now living my dream life with my soulmate – and it took less than a year to get there because I made a commitment to listen to the guidance of my heart through the cards.

Using the lens of personal experience and my expertise in Tarot, I wanted to share five steps to making the most of your relationship reading. I also share some suggested questions for the cards that will help accelerate your soulmate connection. Let’s dive in!

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