8 Steps For Taking Your Friendships To The Next Level

3. Hang Out One On One

Implementing all the steps listed here will be hard when you have Steve from your office continually butting in to tell you a cringe-worthy joke you’ve heard five times already.

If you’re always in a group setting with your next-level-friend-to-be, try asking them to hang out alone. When you spend time one on one, you’re able to have less guarded conversations and get to know the other person better.

4. Be Vulnerable

I’m not saying that you need to break down crying every time you hang out, but opening up about your struggles will exponentially deepen a friendship. Humans like to feel understood. That understanding happens in nuanced experiences that we all go through but are scared to share.

I know being vulnerable is scary. But opening up to another person is going to be the differentiating factor between acquaintances and emergency contact kind of friends.

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