8 Steps For Taking Your Friendships To The Next Level

But then there are the friends that I’d do anything for. They’re the ones that know my deepest, darkest secrets. The friends that make me laugh so hard I worry I might pee my pants. The people I would write down as my emergency contact. We all know how those kinds of friendships are.

And now that I’m encroaching upon my 30s, I’ve realized that deeper friendships don’t just happen anymore. And we sometimes grow out of old friendships or people sadly move away.

So how do we create more of those pee-your-pants-laughing kind of friendships?

Well, like a romantic relationship, it takes effort. Deeper connections don’t just happen anymore—you have to foster and grow them like a tiny precious friendship baby.

But the good news is that the effort is well worth it. It’s part of the human condition to crave deep connections, and with some intentional care, you can watch your everyday friendships blossom into something more.

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