7 Little Ways To Express Love Besides Saying “I Love You”

“I appreciate you.”

When was the last time you let your partner know how much you appreciate them? Don’t buy into the idea that they already know. I promise you; they also want to hear it.

Take it a step further and let them know you appreciate them for certain things. Maybe after they cleaned the dishes or put the kids to bed. They’re little parts of your everyday life but it’s a perfect chance to let your partner know you appreciate the things they do.

“I’m here for you.”

Part of being in a relationship is having a support system. You have someone who is choosing to be with you and will help you when life gets rough.

These three simple words might sound obvious, but they’re another thing we take for granted. Sure, your partner may already know this, but being reminded can feel even better than an “I love you.”

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