6 Things I Learned From A Major Friendship Fallout

6. Acknowledge when the friendship is beyond repair.

Unfortunately, some friendships just don’t work out. Sometimes, the impact of a friend on your life becomes more negative than positive, and the friendship grows to be unhealthy and detrimental. So, once you’ve reached the last straw, it’s time to acknowledge it. Continuing to work at something that is beyond repair is exhausting and devastating; that’s another thing I learned the hard way.

Whenever I think I’m at my limit, I ask myself one question: “Is this the hill worth dying on?” In other words, is this a make-or-break issue? Is this worth ending our friendship? In some cases, the answer may be “yes” — and you’ve got to admit that to yourself before attempting to return to the way things were before. Instead, you can try to stop thinking and talking about the fallout — both with them and with other friends. Keep them at a distance, and be civil while focusing on the people that make you feel happy and loved.

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