6 Things I Learned From A Major Friendship Fallout

3. Never switch plans at the last minute.

My fatal flaw in this friendship occurred when I’d change my plans last-minute depending on my preferences, and it’s something I’ll never do again. I advise that you pay close attention to this as well, especially if you have a significant other.

No matter where you’re going or what your initial plans were, if you do leave your friends midway through a hangout session, it will look like you’re ditching them. Even if you’d prefer to be somewhere else with different friends, it’s not wise to leave them (especially if your SO is in the mix). They may become bitter and angry — rightfully so, sometimes. The point here is: once you make your plans, they should be set in stone. Maybe this isn’t how friendships should work, and maybe people’s intentions are more complicated than they appear, but it’s definitely something I’m going to keep in mind in the future.

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