6 Things I Learned From A Major Friendship Fallout

2. Talk about your relationship as minimally as possible.

On the topic of talking about things when you really shouldn’t, another aspect that led to the destruction of this friendship was my too-frequent boyfriend talk.

Now, I was naïve in thinking that my friends were interested in hearing about my newfound relationship (even though they said they wanted to) — the truth is, nobody wants your conversations to be clogged up with unimportant aspects of your romantic life. As soon as discussions with a friend become relationship advice sessions and date breakdowns, your friendship becomes vulnerable.

It’s better to just keep the details of your relationship to yourself — both the big milestones and the tedious aspects. You never know what could lead to disagreements, jealousy, or judgments. For example, when I told my friends that my boyfriend and I didn’t have each other on Snapchat because we both hate talking on social media and instead prefer texting, I got a bunch of weirded-out looks and judgemental stares. Okay, I thought, that’s a detail I definitely didn’t need to share. I didn’t need their input nor their validation, and neither do you.

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