6 Lies That Are Okay To Tell In A Relationship

“That guy is in the news again today,” I told my husband.

“What did he do again?”

I told him and then we both sat back and thought about the insanity of embezzling close to a million dollars from your father-in-law’s company.

“How’d you meet him again?” my husband asked.

“Through a friend,” I said.

That’s not true, since I’d never consider my ex a “friend,” but when I first started seeing his bandmate appearing in the news for such a high-level crime, I couldn’t help telling my husband that I’d known him. I just chose, purposefully, to leave out his connection to my ex. I don’t want to talk about my ex, and neither does my husband want to hear about him.

This would easily be deemed a “white lie,” which Bella DePaulo and Deborah Kashy have argued can be seen as “compassionate offerings” that serve to maintain a relationship.

Trust, honesty, and vulnerability are crucial to maintaining a healthy relationship, but there are some LITTLE lies that can be okay to tell.

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