5 Things You Should Never Say To Someone Who’s In A New Relationship

Starting a new relationship comes with so much uncertainty. Those first few months feel like a rollercoaster (and a great one at that)! But right after you start to feel confident enough to disclose your relationship, another foreign, daunting task comes along: telling your friends and family.

Telling your loved ones about your relationship shouldn’t be a big deal. But in today’s society, it is. You’re essentially saying, “Hey, just a heads-up, this person is my favorite human being. Please like them as much as I do.” It’s a big deal to share this with people who know you so well.

On the other hand, receiving the news isn’t always so easy. It’s hard to know how to react, what questions to ask, and what to say when they describe their new partner. So, in efforts to prevent frustration and awkward silence, here is a (non-exhaustive) list of things to never say to someone in a relationship.

And yes, before you ask, all of these are actual quotes friends and family told me when I announced I was dating someone for the first time.

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