10 Ways To Love Someone Who Struggles With Their Body Image

9. Encourage Them To Get Support If Needed

It is not necessary for them to talk to you or a professional if they do not want to, but if they feel that they need more support, tell them that it is okay to talk with trained professionals to help them.

10. Don’t Force Them To Eat Or Exercise

It is not okay to force someone to change their diet and workout behaviors because YOU think it is best for them—it will do more harm than good. Adding pressure on people who struggle with body image can lead to shame and guilt.

The truth is that everyone has a different story. I have been through phases in my life when I starved myself all day or counted every single calorie and ate so much that I felt sick to my stomach. I have had days when I exercised three times a day and then ate only apples all day. It is not easy, and it is easy to be angry at others. I needed to know that the people who loved me would be there for when I was ready and if I needed help. I wanted them to remind me that I was loved irrespective of my size and my weight.

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